Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Three gentlemen of different age groups have certain common interest. By virtue of their profession, all three were associated with daily Kolkata life and they have passion for this city and its colonial history. With their limited resources two of them have started reading about Kolkata from the old book-shelves of Kolkata libraries & web world of Internet, the youngest one has choose his photography skill to portray his passion.

None of them were historian but all have common wave length to hear & tell the story of bygone era. Their common study indicates the history of Kolkata is only of just over three hundred (?) years (much younger than Delhi or Varanashi) but the eastern part of the country is as ancient as the age of the world.

Which started as a historical study of the City where they live, earn & madly in love, slowly but steadily ask them to focus much beyond that period to the socio-economical history of different districts of undivided Bengal, Bihar, Orissa & portion of North Eastern states around the vast land of the eastern part of the Indian sub-continent.

Their profession is very much distant from academic world, associated with the monotony of a typical middle-class city dweller.
All on a sudden it appeared to them they can share their limited resources through Blog, share their story telling & lens-work with the world, in the process they may be enriched with more information.

The result is Astounding Bengal.

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